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About the Shriver Center

Our vision is a nation free from poverty with justice, equality, and opportunity for all. For 50 years, the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law has been fighting to advance justice and opportunity for everyone.

We believe that equal justice for people living in poverty includes having an effective voice in public policy debates on issues that affect their lives. The issues we work on are identified at the community level—by working with people experiencing poverty to improve their lives and opportunities.

Our work is driven by the understanding that the causes and dynamics of poverty vary significantly for different people and populations; to address poverty effectively we must also address racial inequality, as well as other forms of discrimination and oppression. We recognize that effective anti-poverty advocacy must not only address people’s basic needs, but also advance equality of opportunity and build movement toward systemic change.

Our work is most effective when it is led by a staff that is diverse in its perspectives, representative of and experienced with the populations whose interests we seek to help advance, and demonstrably committed to alleviating poverty and advancing racial justice. We are committed to building and maintaining an inclusive organizational culture that values the diverse abilities and perspectives of its staff, while supporting their advancement and effectiveness.

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