Eric Sirota

Eric Sirota
Eric Sirota
Eric Sirota
Director of Housing Justice


Eric Sirota

Eric Sirota has spent his career advocating for homeowners and tenants in a variety of contexts. Graduating from law school during the Great Recession, Eric worked for Prairie State Legal Services helping to lead their burgeoning foreclosure defense practice. He then worked for the Illinois Office of the Attorney General Consumer Fraud Bureau, where, most notably, he initiated and lead litigation against Safeguard Properties for their mistreatment of legal occupants of foreclosed homes.

In 2013, Eric became a supervising attorney in a foreclosure defense and consumer-housing clinic at the University of Illinois College of Law. Prior to joining the Shriver Center, Eric helped lead Michigan Law School’s Veterans Legal Clinic, which provides general legal services to veterans. His article “The Rental Crisis Will Not Be Televised: The Case for Protecting Tenants Under Consumer Protection Regimes” was published in the Michigan Journal of Law Reform. In his spare time, Eric geeks out on music, performance poetry, and Scrabble.


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