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Racial Justice: Advocacy in Action

Advance racial equity and justice using community-driven strategies that build power in impacted communities.

Learn how to identify and analyze issues within a racial justice framework and guide the work of advocates you supervise and mentor.

Racial Justice: Advocacy in Action introduces the Shriver Center’s Racial Justice Advocacy Toolkit and provides an opportunity for advocates to apply it to potential racial justice issues in their communities.

Grounded in community lawyering and racial justice best practices and advocacy tools, the Toolkit provides a roadmap that can be applied at various stages of the advocacy process. Participants work in small groups to apply racial justice tools to common legal aid issues in such areas as housing, employment, consumer protection, and child welfare, among others. Participants also learn how they can use these tools to guide the work of advocates they supervise and mentor.

Participants will be able to:

  • Use the racial justice advocacy framework to identify racial inequities and develop, implement, and evaluate comprehensive strategies to address these issues.
  • Identify organizational policies and practices that institutionalize their organization’s commitments to advancing racial equity and justice through their external advocacy.
  • Mentor and support their staff in advocating for racial justice.

Racial Justice: Advocacy in Action is delivered online in weekly four-hour sessions over three weeks.

Hone concrete skills for applying a racial justice lens to your client and community issues. Enroll in Racial Justice: Advocacy in Action today.


Attorneys and Specialists

Janerick Holmes
Janerick Holmes
Janerick Holmes
Director of the Racial Justice Institute


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