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2016 April

A Proposal to Support Enforcing Regulations for the Rule of Law

By Gregory E. Louis

Legal aid attorneys often want to enforce federal regulations that govern public benefits programs but find themselves stymied by U.S. Supreme Court precedent. An interesting thought experiment is to ask when the beneficiary of a federal administrative scheme should have a judicial remedy to enforce a regulation implementing that scheme and what sort of remedy the beneficiary should have. A proposed prudential doctrine would help federal courts handle cases that seek to enforce federal regulations.

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Alchemizing Volume

By Jason Auer, Kevin De Liban & Lee Richardson

Legal services organizations continually strive for impact while being weighed down by the pressures of volume. Five years after implementing a strategic planning process to achieve impact, Legal Aid of Arkansas had a breakthrough year with high-level Medicaid and housing advocacy that significantly advanced the interests of its clients. Legal Aid of Arkansas had to make organizational changes to achieve impact and overcame challenges to maintain a focus on impact amid the vestigial pressures of volume.

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