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1996 Special Issue

Twice Victimized—Domestic Violence and Welfare "Reform"

By Wendy Pollack

Several welfare reform provisions that were included in the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1995 and are already incorporated in several state waiver programs will have particularly devastating effects on recipients who are victims of domestic violence. This article discusses these provisions and ways to decrease the danger they pose to victims and their children.

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You Can Run But Can You Hide? Relocation Rights and Domestic Violence

By Roberta M. Ikemi

Batterers often contest the domestic violence victim's right to relocate with the children, and such custody disputes can be dangerous. This article discusses statutory and case law developments with regard to the right to relocate, defenses against parental kidnapping charges, and how the law on interstate child custody disputes applies to cases involving domestic violence.

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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Mediation in Domestic Abuse Cases

By Mary Pat Treuthart

Although it has been consistently denounced for over a decade by battered women's advocates, the use of mediation in domestic abuse cases has resurfaced. This article reiterates the arguments against mediation in cases involving domestic violence, emphasizes that advocacy and attorney-assisted negotiation are the preferred means to handling such cases, and explores ways in which available resources may best be used to protect battered women's safety and interests.

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Unemployment Compensation for Victims of Domestic Violence

An Important Link to Economic and Employment Security

By Catherine Ruckelshaus

Domestic violence can force a woman and her children into poverty by causing her to lose her job, by causing her to fail a job training or education program, or by denying her efforts to reenter the work force. This article discusses the problems faced by domestic violence victims who are employed or newly unemployed and their rights to unemployment compensation benefits.

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Violence Against Women Affects the Workplace

Legal Remedies for Women and Advocates

By Julie Goldscheid & Pamela Coukos

Violence against women, including physical and sexual assaults by strangers and intimate partners, has a dramatic and often unrecognized impact on the workplace and, consequently, on women's economic security. This article discusses the legal tools advocates may use to safeguard both their clients' access to economic security and their clients' continuing safety.

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Prisoners of Abuse

Policy Implications of the Relationsbip Between Domestic Violence and Welfare Receipt

By Jody Raphael

New research linking long-term welfare receipt and domestic violence has important implications for the current drift of welfare reform policy at both the federal and state levels. This article summarizes recent findings and offers basic guidance for the development of welfare policies that are more sensitive to the unique needs of Aid to Families with Dependent Children recipients who are domestic violence victims and survivors.

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