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Our Vision, Values, and Mission

Our vision is a nation free from poverty with justice, equality, and opportunity for all. For 50 years, the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law has been fighting to advance justice and opportunity for everyone.

We believe in organizational excellence at all levels, grounded in these core values and measured against progress toward our mission to guide our path to success. We hold ourselves accountable to individuals experiencing poverty and injustice, our partners, and our colleagues to carry out our work consistently with these values:

Centered on People and Communities. We work with and for the people we serve. We help communities win law, policy, and systemic changes to promote equity and pathways out of poverty.

Justice for All. We pursue justice for all by providing high quality legal representation and advocacy to people in poverty regarding the laws, public policies, and systems that constrain and diminish—but also improve and support—their lives and opportunities. We believe justice for all is significantly advanced when people in poverty help shape the laws and policies that govern their lives and have strong opportunities for upward mobility.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. We forcefully address the most salient feature of poverty in America—race. Advancing racial equity is essential to promoting justice. We also recognize that inclusion of diverse voices, perspectives and experiences is essential to understanding and addressing complex issues in our advocacy and within our organization.

Accountable Leadership. We recognize our role as a trusted organization. We take it as our responsibility to listen to the communities we serve, be accountable to them, be a good steward, and deploy our full advocacy toolbox towards accomplishment of our mission. We commit to develop a pipeline of new leaders equipped to continue the work successfully.

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