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2016 August

Twenty Years After Welfare Reform

Reflections and Recommendations from Those Who Were There

By Anne Erickson, Deborah Harris, John Bouman, Cindy Mann, Wendy Pollack, Margaret Stapleton, Mark Greenberg, Steve Savner, Gina Mannix, Marc Cohan, Olivia Golden, Kate Kahan, Elizabeth Lower-Basch, Jim Weill & Liz Schott

Twenty years have passed since Congress passed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 and Pres. Bill Clinton signed this “welfare reform” into law in August 1996. Fifteen welfare-law experts who were engaged in the debates and implementation of welfare reform consider what we have learned in the past two decades, where we should go from here, and how we can get there to have the biggest effect on child poverty.

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