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John Midgley Consultant

John Midgley is a lawyer who most recently worked at Columbia Legal Services (CLS). His roles in legal services over 40 years included significant time as staff attorney, Regional Director of an office, a statewide Advocacy Coordinator, then Executive Director (2004‐2011) and Advocacy Director (2011‐2015). Most of John’s time as a staff attorney was with the Institutions Project (of both CLS and predecessor organization Evergreen Legal Services), focusing primarily on litigating conditions of confinement in jails and prisons. He has experience in other areas of legal services practice and complex litigation as well, including foster care reform and death penalty cases, and also spent five years in a small private practice emphasizing criminal defense, post-conviction relief, and civil rights cases. John has litigated cases at every level of state and federal courts and has been a trainer at many legal services trainings and CLE presentations.

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