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Head Shot John Schrider Attorney at Law
Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati

John Schrider Jr. is the Director of the Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio, LLC, an affiliate of Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati. In this role, John provides advice and supervision for the work of the Legal Aid Society’s attorneys. Before assuming this position in 2007, he was the Director of Litigation. John is an expert in the areas of housing and community development, tenant rights, predatory lending practices, and foreclosure prevention, as well as fair housing rights. As a primary focus of his career, he has been advocating to expand housing opportunities in public housing, for other federal housing programs, and to protect the rights of tenants in that housing. John has also served as counsel to several tenant and community groups. He is a board member and officer of the local affordable housing coalition, Cincinnatians for Affordable Housing. John has received numerous awards and recognition for his work. He is a graduate the University of Pennsylvania Law School and has been working in legal services since college.

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