We fight for policies and laws that strengthen communities and disrupt the harms caused by the criminal legal system.

We advocate for divesting from harmful systems and investing those resources into communities and people. We fight to keep communities safe and families together by advocating for policies that help justice-involved people secure stable jobs, safe and affordable housing, access higher education, and thrive in their communities.

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Our Insights

Now more than ever, we must remember our shared humanity and protect all people, including the incarcerated.

Electronic monitoring is incarceration by another name.

The evidence is overwhelming that mistrust between the police and communities of color are the results of poverty and racism.

Our Impact

Abolishing money bond will allow thousands of people to stay in their communities while awaiting trial.

Legislators unanimously pass law after hearing from justice-involved individuals, community members, and advocates from the Shriver Center.


Sep 2020

We must end systemic inequities and prioritize policies that keep families together.

Feb 2017

Police officers stationed in Chicago Public Schools operate with little oversight, accountability, and specialized training, putting children at risk.

Attorneys and Specialists

Patrice James
Patrice James
Patrice James
Director of Community Justice


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