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50 Years of Impact

50th anniversary gala

In 2017, the Shriver Center on Poverty Law celebrated its 50th anniversary. For half a century, the Shriver Center has been working to ensure justice, every day, for everyone. Working together, we’ve had hundreds of victories, large and small.

  • We secured basic legal protections for 35,000 domestic workers, and gave almost 1 million workers the right to paid sick leave.
  • We restored affordable childcare to the working poor and kept food on the table in 40,000 households.
  • We kept the doors open at hospitals and clinics serving more than 700,000 children in Cook County alone, and we extended health insurance coverage to 2019 for nearly 41,000 children who would have been left without it.
  • We made sure that earning a high school diploma counts as much as flipping burgers or mopping floors when it comes to fulfilling the work activity requirements for receiving temporary cash assistance.
  • We demanded game-changing federal guidance to protect the fair housing rights of millions of people who have past involvement with the criminal justice system.
  • We organized a dynamic collaborative of 32 groups across the country who are working together on coordinated, multi-state strategies to win broad policy victories for poor communities and communities of color.

We are grateful to our supporters, who joined us in celebrating the Shriver Center’s 50th anniversary in 2017. More than 800 advocates, clients, partners, and supporters gathered at our annual gala in October to celebrate the legacy of Sargent Shriver and the hundreds of victories, large and small, that the Shriver Center has won on behalf of low-income clients over the last 50 years.

In December 2017, The Shriver Summit: The Future of Justice brought over 200 advocates together to explore threats to important anti-poverty policies at the federal level and advocacy strategies to ensure opportunity for workers, families, and communities.

Our anniversary year culminated with the successful completion of The Shriver Challenge: A Campaign for Justice, Equity, and Opportunity, a $3 million fundraising campaign launched by a $1 million lead gift from the five children of Sargent and Eunice Shriver. Funds raised through the Shriver Challenge will position the Shriver Center for long-term growth and stability.

Poverty is an issue that affects us all. Join us as we carry forward Sargent Shriver’s legacy and ensure justice, every day, for everyone. Support our work today.  

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