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1996 January

Buy a Home to Rent a Home Site? Illegal Mobile Home Tie-In Arrangements.

By Stephen Norman

Mobile home park owners' common practice of conditioning the lease for a lot upon the purchase of a mobile home from the park owner can actually double the purchase price of a mobile home. This article describes the antitrust law applicable to illegal mobile home tie-ins and several successful cases.

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Zealous Advocacy for the Defendant in Adult Guardianship Cases

By Vicki Gottlich

One of the most controversial issues in the ongoing debate about guardianship reform concerns the role of the attorney for the defendant in adult guardianship cases. This article addresses the role of the defendant's attorney from an advocate's perspective and why such representation is important.

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New Child Support Data from the Census Bureau.

By Paula Roberts

This article summarizes the findings of the Census Bureau's most recent report on the different experiences of divorced, separated, and never-married mothers and fathers of different races and income levels with respect to child support enforcement and collection.

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Seeking to Deter Parental Behavior Through Welfare Policy

New Jersey's Child Exclusion, Housing, and Homelessness

By David G. Sciarra

New Jersey was the first state to adopt and implement child exclusion, but other states have since obtained section 1115 waivers from the Department of Health and Human Services. This article describes how New Jersey's child exclusion works, including the reductions in cash assistance triggered by the birth of an excluded baby and the effect of those reductions on the family's ability to meet housing needs.

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What Does It Mean When They Say They Can't Afford It?

Defining the Fiscal Defense

By Anson B. Levitan

The growth of the movement against "unfunded mandates" will likely heighten the debate about the significance and validity of many statutory mandates. This article reviews the current law governing when a fiscal defense against a statutory entitlement may be raised and what constitutes a valid defense.

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State Cash Assistance Programs Under a Block Grant

Preparing for Advocacy

By Christopher Lamb

This column discusses some of the questions poor people and their advocates should consider and some steps they should take as they attempt to influence how a cash assistance block grant will be implemented in their states.

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