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1993 August - September

Discharge Planning

Still No Federal Action

By Alfred J. Chiplin Jr.

This column updates what is happening in the area of discharge planning under the Medicare statute, explains patients' rights to such planning, and offers tips that advocates can relay to their Medicare clients who anticipate hospitalization.

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The Nursing Home Reform Law

The Federal Response

By Toby Edelman

HCFA has been slow to propose regulations under the Nursing Home Reform Law, but has finally proposed or published rules for almost all of the areas of the law in which Congress mandated federal action. This column briefly outlines these proposed and final rules.

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Using State Utility Commission Regulations to Control the "Unregulated" Utility

By Roger D. Colton

This column discusses strategies for using Public Utility Commission regulations to establish service protections for customers of "unregulated" utilities.

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Evaluating Health Reform Proposals in the Interest of Children and Adolescents

By Jane Perkins & Abigail English

President Clinton's Task Force on Health Care Reform, headed by Hillary Rodham Clinton, has mobilized a staff of over 500 and worked for over three months developing a proposal for comprehensive health care reform. Members of Congress have also drafted proposals. This article outlines ten benchmarks for advocates to use in analyzing the potential impact of various proposals on children and adolescents.

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The Use of Electronic Benefit Transfer Systems to Deliver Federal and State Assistance Benefits

By Barbara Leyser & Adele M. Blong

Electronic benefit transfer systems offer the potential of improved service to most recipients of public benefits; however, careful development of the design, implementation, and operation of such systems is critical to maximize the benefits and minimize the harms to recipients.

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