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1993 February

1990 Farm Bill's Inaccessible-Resource Provision Applies to Vehicles

By David A. Super

This column argues that the 1990 Farm Bill's inaccessible-resource provision applies to vehicles, exempting many of them from being considered a resource in food stamp eligibility determination.

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The Continued Need for Utility Payment Assistance

By Helen Gonzales

Although the need for utility payment assistance has increased over the past few years, funding for LIHEAP has dropped. This article describes how the funding cuts have changed the program and examines the challenges that lie ahead for low-Income consumers who cannot afford utility service.

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Social Policies for a Global Economy

By Katherine McFate

These are the thought-provoking opening remarks made at the Uniting Support Conference held in Chicago in September 1992. The author takes the position that our present welfare system is not very good and that, rather than go along with it, advocates for the poor must push for affirmative, proactive reform. The author looks at poverty in other industrial countries and explains why other countries have done a better job than the United States in protecting their citizens from material hardship.

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The Civil Rights Act of 1991

A Section-by-Section Analysis

By M. DeSales Linton & Elliot M. Mincberg

The Civil Rights Act of 1991 provides important new tools for advocates representing employment discrimination claimants. This article features a section-by-section analysis of the Act and describes how various Supreme Court cases have been affected by the legislation.

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Medical Treatment Rights of Older Persons and Persons with Disabilities

1992 Developments (Part 2)

By Daniel Avila

This article covers state court developments in 1992 affecting the medical treatment rights of persons with disabilities, including the removal of life-sustaining treatment for never-competent persons, the definitions of human being and personhood with respect to individuals with substantial disabilities, and assisted suicide.

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