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1990 February

The Five-Year Restriction on Amnesty Alien Eligibility for Public Benefits

By The National Immigration Law Center

The Attorney General has recently promulgated his final list of federal programs from which newly legalized aliens are disqualified; the list raises additional questions regarding implementation of the five-year ban.

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The Vermont Housing and Conservation Trust Fund

A Unique Approach to Developing Affordable Housing

By James M. Libby Jr.

The Vermont Housing and Conservation Trust Fund Act is a legislative initiative that established a Citizen Board to provide grants and loans to develop affordable housing for low-income Vermonters and to protect environmentally and agriculturally important land.

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The United States Bankruptcy Code

An Analysis of Legislative Reform and Judicial Interpretation

By S. Scott Massin

This article analyzes current changes in bankruptcy law generated by the 1978 Bankruptcy Act and the Bankruptcy Amendments Acts of 1984 and 1986, discussing the direction in which the law is generally headed and highlighting specific pitfalls that practitioners should seek to avoid.

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The Elderly and the Federal Courts

By Daniel L. Skoler

The population of older Americans has increased eight-fold since the turn of the century and has been growing since 1980 at a rate nearly three times that of the under-65 population; this article examines the role of the federal courts in dispute resolution and legal definition for a number of issues of right, entitlement, and status for senior citizens.

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